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District 3410 Governor

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Ditte A. Sukardi

District Governor 2023-2024

Rotary Club of Jakarta Cinere

Personal info:



Place & Birth of Date

Jakarta, January 27th 1957

Marital Status

Married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren


Ade Sukardi


Reading, Cooking, Pilates


About me:
I believe that we need to enjoy life to the max, and of course family always comes first. I’m blessed and grateful for the family that I have, children, siblings or extended. Being Indonesian, we are culturally raised that family is not only your children or siblings but widely extended to everyone that is in your bloodline.

I have three beautiful Children and rich by five granddaughters. Let me share a quote that is resonate in my heart “You can put miles between you and your family but you carry them with you; you live in a world and a world lives in you.” (Frederick Buechner). I am proud to say that my children are now living the lives that they want, my eldest daughter and her family lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada; my son and his family lives in Denpasar, Bali and my youngest daughter lives in Jakarta.  They are God greatest gift to me.
Friends are my second God greatest gift, I cherished all my friends from my Elementary School, my Conocoan friends, of course my Rotarian Friends.  Never in my entire life I envision myself living without having friends.


Serve in Rotary:
I am passionate on things that help and uplift others. This has been my personal motivation in life since I started my family. Thus, my purpose to join Rotary 7 years ago, so I can make a bigger impact to help others in my community and young generation in general. However, in Rotary I was also uplifted in my personal development. I was given the opportunities to broaden my leadership capabilities thru taking the lead role on many Clubs’ event, became Club’s President in 2018, part of District Officers for District Conference fundraising team, as Assistant Governor, facilitator for District Training Team, member of the District Strategic Planning Committee and later became the Vice Chair.

I’m humbled to say that Rotary has let me help others in a way that I can never imagine.  Being active in my Club, Rotary Club Jakarta Cinere, we were able to obtain partnership with Rotary Club in Japan for our Cleanwater project in Pulau Seribu.  Before that, I was involved in the 2nd project of the Club’s 1000 Teachers’ Training Program, focusing on Science, Mathematics and Character Building.  Ever since I have joined Rotary there were many other projects within my club and also collaborate with other Rotary Clubs in D3410. All of these activities in Rotary for sure allow me to say proudly that I’m one of the People of Action of Rotary. Not to mention the number of friends I have made in Indonesia and across the globe through Rotary fellowships.

Professional Career:
I started my professional career in an American Based Multi-national Oil & Gas company, Conoco Indonesia Inc. Ltd. from 1977 as HR Compensation & Benefit Analyst until 2000 with my last management position as Continuous Improvement and Change Management Facilitator.  In April 2000 I joined PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk, fully-owned company by Medco Energi, as Vice President of Human Resources until 2012. My professional career in Medco continued when I became the Director of PT M Learning Center, and consecutively held the position of Vice President of Human Resources & Services at PT Medco Intidinamika wherein 2016 I had been assigned as Director of PT Medco Intidinamika and President Commissioner of PT M Learning Centre. Currently I am the Commissioner of PT Bali Sri Organik (BSO), fully-owned company of MedcoGroup; and also act as member of the Board of Governors (Pengawas) for Yayasan Pendidikan Avicenna Prestasi.

Rotary Resume

Original join date
06 Jan 2017 (Jakarta Cinere , )
Current club join date
06 Jan 2017 (Jakarta Cinere , )
Years of service
6 years 7 months

District 3410

District Governor (DG) (2023-2024)

District Governor-elect (DGE) (2022-2023)

Assistant Governor (2021-2022)

District Governor-nominee (DGN) (2021-2022)

Jakarta Cinere, (Rotary Club)
Club Foundation Chair (2020-2021)

Club Treasurer (2020-2021)

Club Membership Chair (2019-2020)

Club President (2018-2019)

Member (2017 - Present)

TRF Giving

TRF Giving (2021-22)
TRF Giving (2016-17)

Paul Harris Fellow
PHF (2016-17)

Sustaining Member Eligible
Sustaining Member (2016-17)

Presidential Citation
26.50 Giving (2016-17)

EREY Eligible
EREY (2016-17)

EREY Banner Eligible
EREY Banner Eligible (2016-17)


Jakarta Cinere, West Java, Indonesia (Rotary Club)
Cogito Ergo Sumadi Rasan (2023)
Julastina Muktiwati (2023)
M. Ichsan Putra Andita (2022)
Ms Evy Indriani (2018)
Mr. Primo Fortasiano (2018)
Ms Sri Lestari (2018)
Mr. Ade Sukardi (2018)
Dr. Peppy Fachrial (2018)
Conny May Bamby (2017)
Putri Aditya Sukmantari (2017)

Jakarta Cinere, West Java, Indonesia (Rotary Club)
Nani Rochani Nikijuluw (2017)


Governor Message

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