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District 3410 Governor

Daniel Iman Surjadi

District Governor 2024-2025

Rotary Club of Jakarta Metropolitan


1983 – 1985 Baccalaureate, TourismcBusiness, from the Ministry of Education &
Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.
1980 – 1982 Trisakti Tourism Academy, Diploma Third Grade.
1977 – 1979 High School (SMAN VII, Gambir. Jakarta)

Hobby & Interest

Volunteering & Social Work

  1. District Conference Chair Rotary International D3410 RY2022-2023

  2. RY2021-2022District Secretary Rotary International D3410

  3. On to Rotary Convention Chair RY20-22

  4. Metropolitan RY2020-2021Club President, Rotary Club of Jakarta

  5. Foundation Giving Club. PHS+3Annual Giving, EREY & 100% Top Three Highest in Per Capita

  6. Metropolitan (Ketua Yayasan 2020-2021)Head of Foundation Rotary Jakarta

  7. (Indonesian Christian Church), 2018 - CurrentKetua Komisi Diakonia, GKI Surya Utama

  8. Sekretaris, Majelis GKI Surya Utama, 2012-2017

  9. 2010 -2012Ketua Komisi Dewasa, Majelis GKI Surya Utama

  10. Vice President & Clean Water Project Coordinator, Rotary Club of Jakarta Metropolitan RY 2005-2006


  1. Wisma Kyoei Prince, 60th Anniversary, Damai Indah Serpong Golf Competition 1st Winner, 2005

  2. 2003Gading Raya Golf Course & Club, Hole In one,

  3. Golf 2000, 1st Winner.Global Distribution System ABACUS, Partners

  4. Kyoei Prince Building, 23rd Golf Competition 1st Winner Best Net, 1998


  1. Penghargaan Donor Darah ke 50 (lima puluh) oleh PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), 2022

  2. The Highest Contribution for Yayasan Berkat, Gereja Kristus Ketapang, Jalan KH. Zainul Arifin No.9 Jakarta Pusat. Project in Wamena, Papua.2004.

Professional Experiences

  • 2006 – Current Owner, President Director PT Trimitra Jualan Wisata.

  • 1993-2018 Commissioners & Shareholders Crown Line Group,
    PT. Cahaya Lintas Cemerlang. International Moving
    Company & well-known advertising company amongst
    the Japanese community in Indonesia.

  • 2005- 2007 Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti, Tours
    Planning & Cruise Ship Arrangements.

  •  2002-2005 Director JALPAK Co. Ltd Representative Office , I Gusti
    Ngurah Rai – Denpasar, Bali.

  • 1983-2005 Owner, Director, Japan Airlines subsidiary company,
    PT Taurina Travel Jaya, Jakarta.

  • 1984 Japan Creative Tours Tour Leader & Management
    Courses, Tokyo, Japan

  • 1983-1984 Lecturer Akademi Pariwisata Trisakti, Tourism
    Geography & Tours Planning.

  • 1981-1983 Freelance Tour Conductor, Jawa -Bali, Asean Countries,
    Japan & USA Vayatour, Jakarta.

  • 1980-2005 Tour Conductor Experiences, Asia including Rusia,
    China, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Middle East.

  • 1980-1982 English Speaking Tour Guide, Golden Odyssey Cruise Ship, handled by Pacto Ltd, Jakarta.


Training & Speaking Engagement

  • 2017 - Asia Premium Travel Mart (APTM) Pasay, Philippines.

  • 2017 - World Travel Market (WTM) Connect Asia 2017 Penang, Malaysia.

  • 2012 - Refreshment Reservation & Ticketing, Garuda Indonesia Training Center.

  • 2011- IT & CMA, Corporate Travel World, Convention, Bangkok.

  • 2010 - Incentive Travel & Conventions Meetings Asia, Corporate Travel World, Shanghai, China. Invitation TTG Asia Media.

  • 2005 - New Zealand Tourism Board & Garuda Indonesia Field Trip to North & South Island Familiarization Trip.

  • 2004 - Royal Carribean International, Education & Familiarization Trip On Monarch Of the Seas to San Diego, California, Catalina Island, California & Ensenada Mexico.

  • 1998 - JAL Training Seminar, Tour Conductor Courses, Jakarta

  • 1996 - JAL Training Seminar, Tour Conductor Courses, Tokyo Japan

  • 1995 - VUSA Tourism Mart Miami, Miami Carnaval, Florida & Daytona Beach USA, NTTO Invitation. Indonesian Buyer Delegate.

  • 1995 - Europe Bound, Gulliver Travel Associates Fam. Trip To West Europe.

  • 1991 - Club Med NOUMEA, Nelle Calédonie, Education & Familiarization Trip.

  • 1991 - Discover America International POW WOW, Denver, Colorado, USA,

  • Travel Industry Association of America.

  • 1990 - New Zealand Tourism Board & Garuda Indonesia Field Trip to North & South Island Familiarization Trip.

  • 1988 - JAL Tour Conductor Familiarization Trip Brazil & Argentina.

  • 1987 - Qantas Airways, Travel Australia Britain Seminar (TABS), Melbourne.

  • 1981 - Ken-Air Tours PTE Ltd., SA Tours, Reliance Tours Training Products, Singapore

Rotary Resume

Original join date
01 Oct 2004 (Jakarta Metropolitan , )
Current club join date
10 Apr 2014 (Jakarta Metropolitan , )
Years of service
12 years 6 months

District 3410
District Governor (DG) (2024-2025)

District Governor-elect (DGE) (2023-2024)

District Conference Chair (2022-2023)

District Governor-nominee (DGN) (2022-2023)

District Executive Secretary (2021-2023)

District RI Convention Promotion Chair (2020-2021)

Jakarta Metropolitan, (Rotary Club)
Club President (2020-2021)

Club Treasurer (2019-2020)

Member (2004-2006, 2009-2010, 2014 - Present)

EREY Eligible
EREY (2023-24)
EREY (2022-23)
EREY (2021-22)
EREY (2020-21)
EREY (2019-20)
EREY (2018-19)
EREY (2016-17)
EREY (2004-05)

EREY Banner Eligible
EREY Banner Eligible (2023-24)
EREY Banner Eligible (2022-23)
EREY Banner Eligible (2021-22)
EREY Banner Eligible (2020-21)
EREY Banner Eligible (2019-20)
EREY Banner Eligible (2018-19)
EREY Banner Eligible (2016-17)

TRF Giving
TRF Giving (2023-24)
TRF Giving (2022-23)
TRF Giving (2021-22)
TRF Giving (2020-21)
TRF Giving (2019-20)
TRF Giving (2018-19)
TRF Giving (2016-17)
TRF Giving (2015-16)

Paul Harris Fellow
PHF+5 (2022-23)
PHF+4 (2022-23)
PHF+3 (2021-22)
PHF+2 (2020-21)
PHF+1 (2019-20)
PHF (2004-05)

Paul Harris Society Eligible
Paul Harris Society Eligible (2022-23)
Paul Harris Society Eligible (2021-22)
Paul Harris Society Eligible (2020-21)
Paul Harris Society Eligible (2004-05)

Sustaining Member Eligible
Sustaining Member (2022-23)
Sustaining Member (2021-22)
Sustaining Member (2020-21)
Sustaining Member (2019-20)
Sustaining Member (2018-19)
Sustaining Member (2016-17)
Sustaining Member (2004-05)

Presidential Citation
26.50 Giving (2016-17)


Jakarta Metropolitan, Jakarta, Indonesia (Rotary Club)
Hilda Solihin (2022)
Feri Agustian Soleh (2020)

Jakarta Metropolitan, Jakarta, Indonesia (Rotary Club)
Roziana W. Wiguna (2014)

2024-2025 Action Plan


2024-2025 District 3410 Governor’s Initiatives


Rotary is everywhere

Through collaborative efforts with people and organizations that share our vision and values, 2024-2025 Rotary District 3410 Governor – Daniel Iman Surjadi wants Rotary to exist everywhere in a style that suits everyone who has the desire to work with us to do good. During 2024-2025, he'll focus on five governor initiatives that reflect “Rotary is everywhere”:

  1. engaging and growing our membership,

  2. expanding our capacity to do good,

  3. development of leadership,

  4. elevating our profile,

  5. living our core values

— all while supporting the five bubbles of our District Strategic Plan.


1. Engaging and growing our membership (Rotary is in the people)

Growing Rotary and enhancing the membership experience continues to be our primary goal, with a focus on creating a welcoming, positive club environment to facilitate inclusivity, collaboration, and personal and professional development:

  • The club experience

According to Rotary’s research, a positive club experience is the single greatest factor in satisfaction. Ensuring that people feel welcome and included is crucial for engaging current and future members.

  • Growing interest in Rotary

Increasing membership and participation continues to be our key priority. Encourage clubs to expand Rotary’s membership thorugh creating and nurtuting new clubs.

  • Elevating Rotaract

Supporting Rotaract membership interest is just one way that we continue to integrate Rotaract into Rotary’s organizational framework. We encourage clubs to continue support and develop Rotaract.


2. Expanding our capacity to do good (Rotary is in the action)

When we work together, our collective reach and impact is far greater than anything we could achieve alone:

  • Making lasting change

Through the clubs, we can connect with our community by learning about its needs and working on solutions through service projects done by clubs in our district. Encourage clubs to deliver service projects focus on: o maternal and child health o protecting the environment

  • Continue to support The Rotary Foundation

Through our donation to The Rotary Foundation, we continue to ensure that Rotary clubs in our district will have the resources they need to design and implement sustainable projects year after year.

  • Polio eradication

Rotary works on polio eradication is proof that vaccines save lives. 3 billion children have been vaccinated against polio and the cases of polio have been reduced by 99.9% since 1988. But we know the job is not done until every child is vaccinated, and polio is stopped for good.

  1. We encourage clubs to get informed and help make polio a subject of conversation and spreading the word in our community.

  2. Every donation helps us obtain the support, transport, and materials needed in the fight against polio, and we continue to encourage members of clubs in our district to make donation to help Rotary in polio eradication.

3. Development of our leadership (Rotary is in the move)

All projects and initiatives in Rotary start with someone’s dream for a better world. Our dream for the development of leadership in our district started with a simple dialogue between Rotary friends realizing we, too, had a shared dream – We believe in a world where Rotary members and participants have the leadership skills and knowledge to create positive change in their local and global communities:

  • Nurturing “serving” leadership

build leadership that embodies 'service leadership' that is competent, communicative and credible.


4. Elevating our profile (Rotary is in the good deeds)

Getting people to recognize Rotary’s name is a start, but our work needs to go further. Talking about Rotary in ways that explain what we do and the impact we make is essential to enhancing people’s understanding and inspiring them to get involved, while continue to develop good governance for both clubs and district as well:

  • Strengthening Rotary’s public image

Using our brand message consistently and applying our visual identity correctly are critical to improving people's awareness and understanding of Rotary. We can only expand our reach and increase our impact when prospective participants, members, and the public recognize the value we bring to our communities and worldwide.

  • Good governance

implement a transparent and responsible management and governance system in our district and the clubs.

5. Living our core values (Rotary is in the heart)

Rotary’s core values and guiding principles give members a common purpose and direction:

  • Apply Rotary’s values

Guiding principles and core values define what’s important to us, and we demonstrate them through actions and policies. They are key to planning the organization’s future and a blueprint to guide districts, clubs, and even members to develop their own principles and values.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As part of Rotary’s efforts to create a welcoming club experience, we continue to strengthen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and adopt the DEI to suit to our culture and our social order.

When we work together, our ability to make long-lasting, positive change has no limits. We look forward to continuing to increase our impact, enhance the participant experience, increase our ability to adapt, and expand our reach.

2024-2025 District 3410 Action Plan


Goal for Initiative 1: Engaging and growing our membership (Rotary is in the people)

  • more than 75% of clubs have net increase by the end of June 2025

  • more than 5% of clubs sponsored new clubs

  • more than 10% of clubs sponsored Rotaract Club


Goal for Initiative 2: Expanding our capacity to do good (Rotary is in the action)

  • more than 60% of clubs report their projects on Rotary Showcase

  • 100% of clubs whose having DDF for 2024-2025, participate in District Grants

  • more than 60% of clubs contribute to the Annual Fund

  • at least 45% of clubs contribute to the PolioPlus Fund

  • more than 75% of areas host World Polio Day 2024


Goal for Initiative 3: Development of our leadership (Rotary is in the move)

  • more than 75% of Assistant Governors and District Committees attend DTTS

  • more than 75% of President-elects attend PETS

  • more than 75% of Club leaders attend DISTAS


Goal for Initiative 4: Elevating our profile (Rotary is in the good deeds)

  • at least have one Official Media Partner for District and clubs purpose

  • update District Website and social media regularly

  • put the “visual identity” be part of district training for club presidents

  • more than 60% of clubs have social media / website

  • more than 75% of clubs implement Rotary brand correctly

  • more than 75% of areas host World Polio Day 2024

  • more than 60% of clubs implement People of Action guideline in their social media contents

  • 100% of Assistant Governors have an account in My Rotary

  • more than 85% of Assistant Governors using Rotar Club Central as their working tool

  • more than 85% of District Committees have an account in My Rotary

  • build regular communication on work progress among Governor, Assistant Governors, and Committees at least every 2 months

  • deliver financial quarter report to the clubs through Governor’s Monthly Letter


Goal for Initiative 5: Living our core values (Rotary is in the heart)

  • more than 75% clubs understand Rotary’s core values and guiding principles

  • more than 75% clubs apply Rotary’s values to their club’s activities

  • more than 75% clubs understand DEI

  • more than 75% clubs apply DEI to their club’s activities

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