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Track your service project on Rotary showcase

Dear Rotary Member,

As a club leader, you know the benefits of using Rotary Club Central, which is designed to be the place where you set your goals and track your progress.

Rotary Showcase, however, is the best place for you to plan your service projects, share the outcomes, and show the impact in ways that can attract more partners or inspire other clubs.

In the coming months, both online tools will be updated. This includes phasing out the Service Activities section in Rotary Club Central — a change that will simplify how you track projects and allow you to focus your efforts in one place.

  • If you have projects listed in the Service Activities section of Rotary Club Central, export them to Rotary Showcase as soon as you can.

  • If you have projects from a prior year, work with your past club officers to export them to Showcase.

  • Once your project is exported, go to Rotary Showcase where you can add more details about your service project, such as project location.

We encourage you to continue entering your annual goals in Rotary Club Central and to use Rotary Showcase to update and manage your service activities. After you record a completed project in Rotary Showcase, it will be reflected as a completed project and achieved goal in Rotary Club Central.

Please share this information with your club members, especially those who use Rotary Club Central to track service goals.

For questions or concerns, write to

Victoria Ruger, Club and District Management Product Manager

Chonticha Yurai, Grants and Service Product Manager

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