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Kick-start your club’s social media presence

By Hannah Shaw, Rotary social and digital media specialist

Social media makes expanding your club’s reach easier than ever, but how? There are tips, tricks, and tools for creating content for social platforms, and the goal is simple: connection. A well-built social media presence will help you create connections in your community and beyond, from showcasing your club’s success to building awareness of its presence. To help boost your social media savvy, we’ve put together the following eight tips and tools:

  1. Pick your platform. With so many social media platforms available, getting started can be intimidating. Choose one platform to focus on and grow from there. We recommend starting with Facebook, which has the largest user base.

  2. Assign roles. The first step in creating content is capturing it. Assign a designated photographer to take pictures at club events and service projects. Additionally, pick a point person to manage your club’s social media posts.

  3. Be consistent. Whether you post daily, weekly, or monthly, set a goal to share on social media regularly. Consistent posting helps cultivate followers.

  4. Take photos that tell a story. Opt for images that show action rather than just offering group shots. Show people getting their hands dirty, giving out supplies, or sharing a moment of laughter.

  5. Lead with impact and encourage engagement. When planning an event, project, or fundraiser, think about how you’ll use social media to showcase it. Tell a story by identifying the problem, your solution, and its impact. Or consider what one thing you want someone to know after viewing your post.

  6. Celebrate partnership and participation. Tag participants and community partners in your posts. Avoid Rotary jargon. Not everybody who reads your posts will be familiar with acronyms like PETS or RYLA. Remember that those engaging with your posts are prospective members!

  7. Find inspiration. Examine the content you engage with on social media. What captures your attention and holds your interest? How can you apply that to content you create? Check out Rotary International’s profiles and posts for more inspiration (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

  8. Use the Brand Center. The Brand Center is your one-stop shop for logos, creative assets, guidelines, and more. Be sure to visit often as new materials are added for your use.

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