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Rotary has been dedicated to the idea of service for more than 100 years. Find out more about:


Rotary's archives are open to Rotary members, Rotary staff, and the public. Learn more about resources available to researchers, scheduling an appointment and submitting requests for information and copies.

Our collections include:

  • Books written by Paul Harris and other Rotarians

  • Correspondence from past Rotary presidents and leaders

  • Photographs of Rotarians and Rotary events

  • Club banners, commemorative stamps, medals, statues, and awards

  • The Rotarian magazine, from 1911 to present

  • Convention Proceedings, from 1910 to present


We rely on you to help tell Rotary’s story. If you would like to donate a piece of Rotary history, please email us at

Historic moments

Explore our history in these stories featuring photos, video, and audio from our archives:

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