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Govenor's installation 2023

District Governor Installation. Sangat diharapkan kehadiran semua District and Club Leaders 2023-2024. Please come, ada session memperkenalkan 2023-2024 District Officers Team. Your attendance is highly appreciated.

Early notice "save the date" DG Installation 2023. Trims 🙏🙏

Hari/tgl: Sabtu / 1 Juli 2023

Waktu: jam 15:00 - 18:30

Venue: Tower Garden - Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

Konsep : High Tea Garden party

Dress code: Casual/flat shoes (no high heels)

Meals : Rp. 250.000/person

Acara 1 jam formal and 2.5 jam fellowship/fun/guyub

Acara formal (draft):

1. DG Installation

2. BCO : RCJCinere, RCJ Gambir, District Rotaract Rep

3. DG Rio awards

4. Introduction of 2023-2024 District Officers

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