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Celebrate Community Economic Development

Rotary and Rotaract members are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the problem of poverty. By supporting projects that focus on creating employment opportunities and generating income, we can reduce poverty. During Community Economic Development Month, consider how you can address community needs and challenges. These Rotary resources can help you start a local project or support an international one:

  • Contact your district international service chair, who can connect you with other local experts, such as members of the District Resource Network.

  • Contact a Rotary Action Group to get expert advice on planning and implementing a project and help finding partners, funding, and resources. Many of these groups, for example, the action groups for community economic development, disaster assistance, and food plant solutions, focus on economic issues.

You can involve community members in your work:

  • Sponsor or work with a Rotary Community Corps, which can engage members of the community where you’re working and help a project become sustainable by empowering local leaders.

  • Contact your district community service chair, who can advise you about developing local projects to address your community’s needs. The service chair can also connect you to local organizations, district committees, and other Rotary groups that focus on service.

You can increase your impact by working with one of Rotary's service and project partners:

  • Ashoka helps find creative solutions to social problems.

  • Habitat for Humanity International provides safe and affordable homes to families in need.

  • The Peace Corps promotes peace and community development.

  • ShelterBox responds to disasters and emergencies with community assessments, temporary shelter, and essential aid.

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