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Appointment of Members & Chair, Rotary Youth Advisory Council Zone 1B

Dear DGs 2023-24,

Eid UL Adha greetings to all !

This communication is to announce Rotary Youth Advisory Council Zone 1B, a movement initiated for the youth to share their voice on behalf of young people in the region.

The ultimate objective is to develop innovative programs that further connect volunteers and youth from all across the world.

Rtr Zainab Khan has been nominated as Chair for the Council for year 2023-24 and equal representation has been given to all districts in our zone.

The Rotary Youth Advisory

Council Zone 1B comprises : 

Chair : 

RI District : 3272

Rtr Zainab Khan 

Members :

RI District 3281 : 

Rtr Abdul Kaium Khan

Rtr Samanta Afrin

RI District 3282 : 

Rtr Sharmin Akther Emu

Rtr. Md Sajjad Hossen

RI District : 3410

Orima Melati Davey

Siti Fayza Kamila Mahendra

RI District : 3420

Name : Ade Rizki Mohammad

Name : Mochamad Ndaru Purwaning Laduni

Itr. Chouhdary Muhammad Abdullah Bukhash 

Soon we will finalize members from RID 3271 and will also share our program to reach out our youth; inviting them to be part of our numerous initiatives .

I request you all to engage our youth for a more effectual and sustainable growth of Rotary in years to come.

Best wishes to the Rotary Youth Advisory Council Zone 1B and am sure they will lead us to a new era of Rotary in our region.

During 2023-24 let us "Create Hope in the world".

Best regards

Yours in Rotary.

Mohammad Faiz Kidwai

Director Rotary International

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1 Comment

Congratulations Rtr Orima of RAC Sakai Sembayan Lampung and Rtr Fayza of RAC Bandung Selatan Millenial of your representation for D3410 in the Zone 1B Youth Council Committee.

I am confident that you both will make D3410 proud of your active participation in the committee. Wish you all the best and good luck.

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